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Director: John Boorman
Starring: David Thewlis; Richard E Grant; Tamsin Egerton
Running time: 115mins

The hilarious highlight of John Boorman’s HOPE AND GLORY (1987), nominated for 5 Oscars: 9-year-old Bill Rohan rejoices in the destruction of his school by an errant Luftwaffe bomb. QUEEN AND COUNTRY picks up the story nearly a decade later as Bill (Boorman’s alter-ego) begins basic training in the early Fifties, during the Korean War.

Bill (played by a charming Callum Turner) is joined by a trouble-making army mate, Percy (Caleb Landry Jones). They never get near Korea, but engage in a constant battle of wits with the Catch-22-worthy, Sgt. Major Bradley—the brilliant David Thewlis. Richard E. Grant is their superior, the veddy, veddy, infinitely put-upon, aptly-named Major Cross. A superb ensemble cast limns a wonderfully funny and often moving depiction of a still-recovering postwar England.

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Show Dates Start Times Price
July 03rd 2015 7.30pm £5 | £4 U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 06th 2015 7.30pm £5 | £4 U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 09th 2015 7.30pm £5 | £4 U15s | £4.50 F-P


Running time: 90mins

BAFTA winner and Academy Award® nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) takes the title role in this dynamic new production of one of English drama’s oldest plays, directed by the National Theatre’s new Director Rufus Norris (Broken, London Road).

Everyman is successful, popular and riding high when Death comes calling. He is forced to abandon the life he has built and embark on a last, frantic search to recruit a friend, anyone, to speak in his defence. But Death is close behind, and time is running out.

One of the great primal, spiritual myths, Everyman asks whether it is only in death that we can understand our lives. A cornerstone of English drama since the 15th century, it now explodes onto the stage in a startling production with words by Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate, and movement by Javier De Frutos.

This production contains depictions of recreational drug use and frequent uses of strong language.

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Show Dates Start Times Price
July 16th 2015 7pm £10 | £9 con | £8 F-P


Director: Colin Trevorrow
Starring: Chris Pratt, Judy Greer, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio,

Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park (1993), Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond.
After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction is created to re-spark visitor’s interest, which backfires horribly.

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Show Dates Start Times Price
July 17th 2015 7.30pm £5 | £4 U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 18th 2015 7.30pm £5 | £4 U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 20th 2015 7.30pm £5 | £4 U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 21st 2015 7.30pm £5 | £4 U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 23rd 2015 7.30pm £5 | £4 U15s | £4.50 F-P


Director: Frank Gladstone
Starring: Christina Ricci; Rosie Perez; Jessica Capshaw; Sean Astin
Director: Frank Gladstone
Running time: 77minutes

Each night, when Ben falls asleep, his Crayons enter a magical Crayon Box that transports them to Color City, a world of dazzling hues and soaring fantasy. When timid Yellow is accidentally left behind in Ben’s room, she inadvertently awakens two Unfinished Drawings. They follow Yellow to Color City where they wreak havoc and stop the flow of the enchanted Rainbow Waterfall that provides all the color to the Crayons. It’s up to Yellow and her fellow Crayon pals to save the day and bring back the color!


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Show Dates Start Times Price
July 18th 2015 2.30pm £5 | £4U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 20th 2015 2.30pm £5 | £4U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 21st 2015 2.30pm £5 | £4U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 22nd 2015 2.30pm £5 | £4U15s | £4.50 F-P
July 23rd 2015 2.30pm £5 | £4U15s | £4.50 F-P


Running time: 60mins
Voices by: Eddy Redmayne; John Hurt; Olivia Coleman

Shiver me timbers! Surprises await Thomas and his friends as they dig up their most daring adventure yet.
Unearthing an old pirate ship, Thomas is on the hunt for Sodor’s lost treasure.
When Thomas rocks the boat with some new friends, trouble soon rushes in.
Will Thomas track down the treasure in time or will Sailor John set sail with it? Join Thomas & Friends™ in this explosive movie adventure!
The voice cast includes a host of big stars including Eddie Redmayne, Sir John Hurt, and Olivia Colman.
Exclusively screening in cinemas for a limited period only.

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Show Dates Start Times Price
July 18th 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 20th 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 21st 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 22nd 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 23rd 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 24th 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 25th 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 27th 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 28th 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 29th 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P
July 30th 2015 11.30am £5 | £4 U 15s | £4.50 F-P


In the melting pot of Venice, trade is God. With its ships plying the globe, the city opens its arms to all, as long as they come prepared to do business and there is profit to be made.

With the gold flowing all is well, but when a contract between Bassanio and Shylock is broken, simmering racial tensions boil over. A wronged father, and despised outsider, Shylock looks to exact the ultimate price for a deal sealed in blood.

Polly Findlay (Arden of Faversham 2014) directs Shakespeare’s uncompromising tragedy.

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Show Dates Start Times Price
July 22nd 2015 7pm £10 | £9 con | £8 student | £8 F-P

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